The story

Workshops are are live photography lessons. A place where you can see the experts step by step process how to get inspired, build the whole idea & follow the process, and how to carefully choose the right model, location, props and light.

The workshop also includes editing in Photoshop, finding your colors and style, making visually eye-catching composition, as well as learning all tricks behind the final image.

The workshops are structured to last at least for 2 days. The first day is about theory and shooting on location with models. The second day is all about processing in Photoshop.

At the end of the workshop, you will have a clearer idea on how to tell a story, get motivated and attract clients.



Radionica Fine Art

27.-28.4.2024, Novi Sad

Portfolio Radionica

16.3.2024, Novi Sad

Radionica fotografije

7.-8.10.2023, Novi Sad

Radionica fotografije ‘Kreacija i Biznis’

24.-25.9.2022, Novi Sad

Storytelling photography

9-10.4.2022, Frankfurt

Storytelling photography

4.9-5.9.2021, Munich

Moć Portreta

26.6.2021, Novi Sad

Workshop, Pomorie

12.6-13.6.2021, Bulgaria

Radionica u cvecu

15.5-16.5.2021, Novi Sad

Radionica Fine Art fotografije

03.10. - 04.10.2020, Fairy Oak

Creative Portraits with Owl

22.02.2020, Germany

Radionica Fine Art i Bo Inside

08.02-09.02.2020, Novi Sad

workshop program

Storytelling photography workshop is a place where magic begins. This workshop is for the people who want to tell a story with their photos and experience different angles of the creative process.
  • Inspiration
  • Finding the style & build an eye catching portfolio
  • How to develop your imagination into idea and connect important elements
  • How to find location and create a scene out of it
  • Communication with the model; posing and composition
  • How to promote your work on social networks and attract target audience
  • How to work with light on location
  • How to sell your work (different platforms)
  • Working on project alone and with a team
  • Finding collaborations
  • Important steps before start editing
  • Photo selection
  • Camera RAW processing
  • Skin retouch; Adding makeup and blush
  • Various methods of color correction and toning
  • Using effects in a photo
  • How to add extra volume in hair and dress by using only one tool
  • Methods to improve sharpness of your image
  • Export photos to the web and social media
  • Questions

Videos from my workshops


“I was fortunate enough to do an online one-on-one workshop with Jovana. She was so nice, and very inspirational. I learned many tips and tricks in Photoshop as well as the best way to plan for conceptual, storytelling photoshoots. She was very patient and answered all of my questions and the time just flew by while we discussed everything from dresses, to models, to set design. I am at a crossroads in my photography journey, and Jovana gave me so much to think about and so much inspiration. I definitely have a more clear idea of how I want to progress now. Even if you think you already know what direction you are going in photography, talking to another photographer and hearing their point of view is invaluable. Jovana did that for me and I am so grateful I spent time speaking with and learning from her.”

-Ronne Pierce, Colorado

“Jovana’s workshop was amazing! I met great people and I enjoyed every single minute; from theory, to shooting and final editing time. Jovana was guiding us all the way to the final results and I was amazed what I was able to achieve in only few hours. She is super kind, she inspired my enthusiasm with her passion and energy. Even days after the workshop I cannot stop writing down my ideas and projects I want to realize.

I want to say thank you Jovana and I am so looking forward to join another workshop soon.”

-Tina Maggini, Slovenia

“Ne zivim u Srbiji, dodjem na odmor i cujem da bas tada draga Jovana drzi radionicu “Moc portreta”, upravo ona koja mene zanima, sreci nikad kraja! Jedno predivno iskustvo iz koga sam imala prilike da vidim kako sve zapravo izgleda, na delu… kreiranje price i sprovodjenje ideje u delo, Jovana kao sjajna podrska uvek tu da odgovori na nasa pitanja i ne sebicno podeli sa nama svoje znanje. Radujem se novim susretima!”

-Marijana Antonijevic, Srbija

“When I signed up for the Photoschool conference, I really hoped that there would be a portrait photography workshop. Luckily for me, there was … the author turned out to be a magical lady who immersed me in a fairy-tale world, through the magical shots she creates. The workshop itself for me it was an inspiring and groundbreaking experience that gave me a powerful push to create. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jovana, for the unforgettable photo session at your workshop!”

-Hristo Shturov, Bulgaria

“Jovana’s workshop is definitely going into my Top 3 Highlights of the year! Not only is she an incredible artist able to see and capture emotions in a beautiful and meaningful way that sends a message, but she also has a kind, sweet and bubbly personality that makes you want to spend as much time with her as possible! What is most important regarding her workshop is that all participants are able to see that she actually wants to share her knowledge with them, answers all questions openly and really tries her best to explain and show everything in such a manner that both beginners and advanced photographers can benefit from. Jovana, huge thanks for the weekend spent together, I am looking forward to the next opportunity; and everybody else – a workshop with Jovana is one of the best decisions you can ever make!”

-Aleksandra Kiryakova, Bulgaria

“Jovana exceeds all the expectations.It was such a pleasure to meet not only an extremely talented photographer but also a good person and simply a funny, nature-loving girl. I can’t even imagine how many unusual ideas are hidden in that bright head she possesses, as it seems there are no limits of her creativity! So, I’m sure when someone can’t really find the best qualities and brightest sides of his/her nature, Jovana is able to do that and reveal them through her magic photos. Don’t miss the opportunity to have fun and get one of the most memorable experience in your life with her))) “

-Anna Hubnerova

“Radionica je bila sjajna, edukativna i dodirnula je sve kreativno u meni. Od subote jedino što radim je editujem, tražim nove haljine i smišljam koncepte. Smatram da to što si odlučila da pomažeš  početnicima na ovaj način je tvoja nesebična proklamacija ljubavi prema umetnosti i svetu fotografije. Nestrpljivo čekam tvoje nove radionice i nove avanture koje planiraš 🙂”

-Nastasja Šolaja

“Radionica je bila magična kao što sam i očekivala. Jovana je nesebično podelila sa nama svoje znanje što je meni kao amateru mnogo značilo.

Njena kreativnost je za mene inspiracija, svaki  savet sam dobro zapamtila i trudiću se da ih sve  primenim u daljem radu.
Hvala Jovani na divnom vikendu.”

-Nataša Mladenović, Srbija