I am a princess too! let the world see it

If you would like to feel like a true princess even for a day, join my latest project
“Magic in Dress” and let your imagination and inner beauty shine through


We were all born as princesses we just lost the feeling somewhere along the way

Borne as royalty, surrounded by “servants”, love, admiration, and adoration, girls walked (crawled) their small kingdoms like true princesses.

But then they all become women, wives, mothers, caregivers, business women who rush through the daily chores… and the princesses fall asleep deep inside of them, waiting for their turn to come alive.

Every woman is a princess! and every woman deserves to feel that way

Thinking about this major shift that happens in every girl’s life, I came up with an idea to open the door of my fantasy world to those women who wish to be reminded of the magic of childhood and wake up the princess inside them.

Rediscover yourself run free - run wild

Join me of this magical trip and let my camera take you to the parallel universe of fairytales and fantasy.

All you need to do is to book your appointment, choose a dress and accessories designed by our famous designers, relax and let go - the rest is our worry.

Welcome to “Magic in Dress”

When the clock strikes… you become a princess

You can be part of this extraordinary experience for

250 EUR

200 EUR

Special Spring Offer - only in May!

Enjoy a day as a real model and princess!

Due to many obligations, I was able to dedicate two days a month to this project. The number of spots is very limited so book your appointment via email now!


“Magic in Dress” includes:

  • photoshoot in one of the most dreamy houses in Serbia - “BO Inside” house in Novi Sad
  • the dress/dresses in which you will be photographed
  • flowers crowns
  • many props to choose from (such as giant flower, confetti, feathers, balloons and wigs…)
  • professional make-up
  • five photos with post-production


In addition to all of the above mentioned, you will get one of my prints of your choice for FREE. And we will print it out right there on the spot!


  • hairdo (you come to the photoshoot with your hair done; otherwise, the preparation would be too long)
  • transport to the “Bo inside” house in Novi Sad
  • additional costs of transporting or renting some additional props (giant ladders, big balloon construction, smoke bombs, smoke machine…)
  • renting a drone

Lose yourself in the magical experience and let your inner princess be captured

You might have some questions regarding the photoshoot and that is perfectly fine! Check out these most common questions and you will probably find your answer

For all your ides, doubts, price inquiries (since the service may vary due to some of your special requests, should you have any), paying method and preparations, click the button below and send me an email.

For those who find it easier to copy email address, write to me on
[email protected]


We are waiting for you! Take a look at the setup we have prepared for you

Hurry up since there are so few spots available and so many princesses to be discovered