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Jovana Rikalo is a fine art photographer from Serbia. To capture an emotion and story filled with magic and dreams is her gift.

She works as a full time photographer and content creator, helping brands to promote products and launch campaigns.

Her photos have been featured in dozens of publications  around the World including Digital SLR Magazine, Adobe, Practical Photography Magazine, Digital Photo Magazine, Bella Grace, Faerie Magazine and more. Jovana’s pictures and videos have also been used for plenty book covers. In 2020 she started holding workshops worldwide and help young photographers to persue their dreams.

Jovana is available for public (or virtual) presentations, photo-shoot bookings and licensing images.
If you’re interested in working together, please get in touch via her contact form or email info@jovanarikalo.com




“Thank you, Jovana, for taking Son de Flor on your creative journey! Your talent combined with hard work and ‘out of the box’ ideas always astonishes our team with amazing results. Whenever our linen dresses land in your hands, we are always sure something beautiful is going to come and all the time you exceed our expectations! Keep on doing great work and do not lose the inspiration!”

-Son de Flor Team

“Jovana exceeds all the expectations.It was such a pleasure to meet not only an extremely talented photographer but also a good person and simply a funny, nature-loving girl. I can’t even imagine how many unusual ideas are hidden in that bright head she possesses, as it seems there are no limits of her creativity! So, I’m sure when someone can’t really find the best qualities and brightest sides of his/her nature, Jovana is able to do that and reveal them through her magic photos. Don’t miss the opportunity to have fun and get one of the most memorable experience in your life with her))) “

-Anna Hubnerova

“Some collaborations are worth it, others not. The ones, which are worth all that effort, change your life at some point, make you smile, bring interesting people and many positive emotions to your life. The collaboration with the photographer Jovana Rikalo was and still is exactly like that. Jovana is like a dream come true. I was captivated by her work full of feelings, dreams and stories. She is an open-hearted person who sees beauty even in the most ordinary things. She draws inspiration from dreams, nature and everyday life.”

-Magaela Accessories

“Working with Jovana was a dream come True. She made beautiful photos and videos in movement of our designs, and some of them became the most viewed photos of our social media this year. Her stunning work made all of the pieces the protagonists of the photos in a unique way.”

-Costuro Real Team

“Jovana is one of the photographers I’m always excited to work with. Not only are her ideas and visions for her shoots mind blowing, it’s always very fun and filled with laughter and happiness which I think helps me alot to relax and just be myself. Even though she always knows what’s she wants,she’s also always very open to suggestions from me as well. This makes me feel like we’re just two friends working together. The pictures which come out of these shoots are just amazing and there’s always a beautiful meaning and message behind them. It’s never boring to work with her and I always have a good time. She’s just truly amazing ??❤.”

-Sasha Lambon

“I asked Jovana to assist me as director of photography for an important project and I find in her a very good professional, technically prepared and with attention to the details. We worked in tune!”

-Emanuele Dascanio

“Working with Jovana was a dream come true. Working on location in Vienna, Austria was something I’d wanted to do for ages and Jovana was able to interpret my ideas and inspiration and execute them perfectly! We accomplished a lot in a short time and before even seeing the photos I knew we’d gotten what we needed. The finished photos turned out perfectly and are exactly what I wanted, both for my label and for me personally. I would recommend any designer hire Jovana for your next lookbook or photography needs.”

-Lowana, Vanyanis

“I’ve worked with Jovana for many years and she is as professional as she is talented. She’s always fully committed to her projects and consistently strives for the best results. On top of all of that passion, she is also easy to work with and very communicative. All in all, a fantastic photographer!”

-Vicente, BenQ

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