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Jovana Rikalo is a fine art photographer. She is telling stories and use emotions to create a piece of art.

Jovana combine models with nature and scenes, creating ethereal images full of beauty. She uses her camera to make moments come alive – moments she’s experienced, as well as ones still waiting to happen. She is inspired by life, people and nature.

Magic can only happen when we are connected. Jovana’s goal is for others to find themselves in her works, and to show people the new worlds she creates.

Enjoy her world.



Interested in booking a shoot? Me and my team are working together to deliver the dream client shoot experience. We are here to capture unforgettable memories in most amazing sceneries, dresses and crowns.

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Commercial usage

Most of my photographs may be licensed for Books, Magazine & CD covers, Digital & Advertising Usage and more. If you are interested in licensing my photos, or to hire for original artwork, please contact jovana.rikalo@gmail.com




Radionica fotografije ‘Kreacija i Biznis’

24.-25.9.2022, Novi Sad

Storytelling photography

9-10.4.2022, Frankfurt

Storytelling photography

4.9-5.9.2021, Munich

Moć Portreta

26.6.2021, Novi Sad

Workshop, Pomorie

12.6-13.6.2021, Bulgaria
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online course & book

Online course

I just released my very first video course called “Fairytale Portraits”!

My style relies on using creative ideas with a fine-art approach. The portraits I take look polished, but my out-of-the-box thinking means you don’t need to rely on studio space or expensive gear. You’ll capture fairytales that can go viral! It’s difficult to stand out in the crowded market of portrait photography… Except if you have a truly magical idea.

And I will teach you how to access your imagination to create mesmerizing fairytale portraits… that will never go unnoticed.

A Dream Within - Book

Welcome to the world of Jovana Rikalo — a world of dreams.

A Dream Within will awaken your emotions and open your mind to the possibility of different worlds lying in wait where reality and imagination collide. Explore these fantastical worlds created by artist and photographer Jovana Rikalo and start dreaming.


Fine Art