May 7, 2017

Paris in spring

Hello people,

I’ve been to Paris again this year, but in spring. Why? Because I’ve always wanted to go there when city is in the bloom and I was right- it’s magical! You should go there in spring and see all of these beauty with your own eyes. You won’t regret.

Attention: here will be lots of pink colors 😀

So where to go and see these beautiful sakura trees?

  1. Number one where you should go when you come to Paris and want to see 250 sakura trees,all in one than visit Parc Sceaux. It isn’t in Paris but you will need around 30 minutes with RER tram. Trust me, I was speechless when I saw this scene.
  2. Notre Dame Cathedrale. There you should go in the morning, around 8 am because at 9 there are lots of people and you can’t enjoy the view.
  3.  Park Martin Luther King
  4. Eiifel Tower. There’s a magic. When you see the pink trees and the tower behind. I took probably more than 500 photos just at that place.
  5. Jardin des Plantes
  6. At the end of Champs-Élysées street there are lots of trees.

I had great time in Paris and in sakura trees. Paris is one of my fav cities and I hope I will come back again very soon.

Enjoy the photos <3